1- 1st Remote Sensing-GIS workshop and Panel, 2006, winner of Poster Session , Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

2- 4th GIS Days in Turkey, 13-16 September 2006, winner of Poster Session. Fatih University. Istanbul,Turkey.

3- Scholarship from International School on LIDAR Technology  (Lidar Course 29 March-4 April ,2008) , India (From ISPRS).


4- Scholarship from ISPRS-International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (for XIst ISPRS Congress:
3-11 Jul 2008 Beijing, CHINA


5- Scholarship from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zürich -for international summer school "3D modeling in Archaelogy and Cultural Heritage"


6. For International Article issue Encouragement Award by The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey ,2009.

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