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River Tools


>>River Tools Demo 


>> What's New in RiverTools 3.0.1


>>Geomorphometry in RiverTools


>>RiverTools Data CD

>>River tools For Missisipi


>>IDL Sample Code

>>>> Computes & plots the bifurcation diagram for the logistic map. This illustrates the period-doubling route to chaos.

>>>> Computes and plots a binomial cascade, a multifractal.
>>>> Example of a point-and-click dialog for choosing colors.
>>>> An improved version of IDL's REBIN function.
>>>> Computes and plots the Scheidegger model river network.

>>>>  Collection of routines to analyze and plot self-similar or "fractal" trees, which are a robust theoretical model for river networks.

>>>> Creates fractal landscape surfaces via the midpoint displacement algorithm and saves them as RiverTools Grid files.

>>>> Computes & plots the famous von Koch fractal curve with recursi




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